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The Tungzzle Project

We have created our project to give 3D-Printing enthusiasts an affordable and reliable 3D-Printing nozzle they can rely on - no matter the printing material and temperature. Passionate about 3D printing ourselves, we have seen how inconsistent the reliability and durability of the printing nozzles on the market are.

Technically appealing nozzles, on the other hand, are hardly affordable. The last piece that touches any of your 3D prints - the print nozzle, is of primary importance, and we have committed ourselves to engineering one that is going to set a new standard in Desktop and Home 3D-Printing.

So we have set ourselves the goal to develop a nozzle that combines all the important benefits and advantages in a single product so that dozens of expensive specialistic nozzles do not have to be purchased for every task or filament. And we did it. We started the research and development of our first 3D-Printing tungsten nozzle prototype in April 2019 by collecting technical documentation and choosing the best concept with the help of professional CAD software as well as thermal and material computer simulations.


At the end of January 2020 we had the first manufactured prototypes in our hands, and we have started to extensively test the nozzles with various 3D printing combinations, materials and temperatures. We dedicated the first quarter of 2020 to present our project to the 3D printing community when we offered our tungsten nozzle prototypes to magazines and 3D printing enthusiasts worldwide for test purposes and feedback.


In July 2020 we're finally able to launch successfully on Kickstarter and introduce the Tungzzle project to supporters worldwide who did appreciate the idea, which translated into receiving almost 140% of the total financing, with the help of which we were finally able to start the manufacturing process of our 3D-Printing tungsten nozzle

In July 2020 we were finally able to successfully start on Kickstarter and present the Tungzzle project to supporters worldwide in order to receive almost 140% of the total financing, with the help of which we were finally able to finance the entire production of the Tungzzle nozzle.

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